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Big Country Equipment

Welding Services

Key Competencies: Fabrication, Heavy Welding Repair and Field Welding

Our customers frequently need custom-built solutions that require sophisticated fabrication welding techniques. For example, when machinery parts are cracked, our heavy welding repair experience comes to the rescue. In most cases, these skills are needed on site and our team is ready to go, above ground or underground, anywhere in Western Canada.

Big Country Equipment

Welding and Fabrication

With extensive experience and the equipment to handle whatever the job requires, our Journeyman welders can satisfy all your welding and fabricating needs.

At Big Country, we know that our success is a product of expertise, resourcefulness and a can-do attitude. Our willingness to say “yes we can” and our ability to follow through with results have allowed us to become a trusted partner for our customers.

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If you need skilled tradespeople, project leadership or maintenance professionals, we’ve got the people who can help. Contact us today for more information.

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