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Keeping You Moving

Line Boring and Specialty Machining

Heavy equipment needs to be tough enough to withstand a significant amount of punishment. Over time, though, parts wear out and require maintenance or even replacement. With haul trucks, excavators and other earth-moving equipment, certain structural parts are particularly susceptible to wear, and that’s where our mobile teams can help.

Time Is Money

The Maintenance Challenge

During normal operation, excavator buckets, dozer push arm and haul truck suspensions take a beating, and in many cases we can replace pins and bushings to repair these components when needed. However, if the bushing housing is worn, there are two options: we can replace the entire component or use line boring and welding to reseat the bushing securely. Replacing the component is expensive and if you don’t have a replacement on site, your equipment is unusable until you complete the replacement.

Mobile Repairs

On-Site Solutions

In a situation where no replacement component is on site and you are facing extended downtime, on-site line boring and welding is an excellent solution. We have skilled technicians who have the expertise for this. Using sophisticated boring and welding tools, we bore new holes, weld new metal into them and machine the new hole to the perfect diameter for your bushing. Then, we reseat the bushing and reassemble the parts to complete the repair. This is a cost-effective solution that minimizes downtime.

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Big Country Equipment

Our One Stop Shop Strategy

Our on-site line boring service is a perfect example of our “one stop shop” strategy. At Big Country, we’re not just heavy equipment mechanics. We spend much of our time finding innovative solutions to unique challenges that come our way when we’re helping customers in remote locations. We don’t say no to these challenges – when you ask us for help, we’ll provide the solution, even if we have to upskill to get the job done.

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If you need skilled tradespeople, project leadership or maintenance professionals, we’ve got the people who can help. Contact us today for more information.

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