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Taking Care Of Our Team


As a company, safety is a core value for us. We want to be sure our employees can arrive safely to perform work and return home safely to those that are most important in their life. We also know that a comprehensive safety program helps to minimize downtime and serve our customers more effectively. To keep our employees safe, we provide all required safety training, along with required personal protective equipment (PPE).

Attention To Detail

Processes Тhat Protect

Our teams perform daily job hazard analyses (JHAs) and field level hazard assessments (FLHAs) to help us maintain established safety routines and draw attention to additional safety risks that could occur as work conditions change. Also, we require daily truck inspections, and we hold daily and monthly safety meetings to review safety hazards and evaluate safety compliance. Plus, we support our safety processes by maintaining detailed compliance records.

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Making Safety A Priority

Working With Safety Educators and Regulators

To comply with safety regulations, Big Country maintains a close working relationship with several safety organizations and regulators:

The Canada Safety Council provides online educational resources for all aspects of employee and workplace safety. We are compliant with their requirements.

WorkSafe BC (The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia) works with partners and employers to promote safe and healthy workplaces and to provide compassionate, responsive service when workers are injured at the workplace.

The core mandate of the Yukon Workers’ Safety and Compensation Board and the Workers’ Safety & Compensation Commission (Northwest Territories and Nunavut) is to promote safety and prevent disability.

AVETTA certification provides proof to clients that contractors and suppliers are qualified, licensed and safe, backed up by an audit of their safety statistics. Big Country Equipment is an AVETTA-certified company.

By maintaining rigorous safety standards, educating our workers about safety and complying with regulatory bodies, we have achieved an outstanding safety culture at our company. Whether you are a worker or a client, you can be confident that safety at our worksites is a priority.

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