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We are very proud to represent well-known brands such as Phillips 66 and Ground Force Worldwide.

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is best known for fluids and lubricants for heavy equipment, along with light and commercial vehicles. As a dealer, we can offer individual or case-packaged product, as well as barrels and totes. We also supply large-volume deliveries of Phillips 66 oils, coolants and related fluids.

Ground Force Worldwide

Ground Force Worldwide is known globally for providing solutions in the mining and heavy construction industries. As a limited dealer, we can access and provide solutions to our customers for industrial fuel and lube islands, conventional fuel and lube trucks, and fuel and lube bodies.


SafeGauge has an innovative focus on technology that helps remove technicians from the ‘line of fire’ when live testing heavy mobile plant machinery – in the Mining, Defence, Construction, Agriculture and Oil & Gas industries. SafeGauge wireless testing tools are designed to eliminate live work (ELW) and thereby minimise the chances of crush and fluid injection injuries, whilst conducting necessary pneumatic and hydraulic maintenance duties

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